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Welcome to Our Site!

We are the Rennemeyers, and we’re living in Europe from April, 2017 – April, 2018!

On this trip, we’re trying to discover hidden gems, continue the life-long process of getting to know each other, sample as much incredible – and different – food and drink as we can find, and share our experiences and adventures with you lovely people.

Every now and then, a post about ancient history or archaeology will sneak in. You can take the woman out of grad school, but…

Follow us around on our blog (and Instagram @abbeyrenn) as we live, work, eat, drink and explore. I’ll add new content to the blog each week. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

About Our Trip

Joe and I will spend around a month and a half in each country, becoming locals in our host cities and delving into all the charms and challenges we encounter. When we have the opportunity, we’ll explore nearby spots and more far-flung locales to discover our new favorite places.

Joe is fortunate enough to be able to work remotely, and am blogging, editing articles for the online tech publication freeCodeCamp, and working on my first novel. When we’re not busy at our computers, we get out and experience everything we can. Never a dull moment!

We will return to the states in April, 2018 and plan to settle in the Bay Area.

About Us

We got married on April 30th, 2016 in Austin, Texas – it was the most wonderful celebration and best day ever!
We’re parents to Kaiser the hilarious and adorable boxer. He’s being spoiled by the Turner’s in Oregon while we’re away – hopefully we get him back when we return! Chloe went to canine heaven in July. We miss her (and Kaiser) every day.
Our love of adventure and new things brought us overseas to explore Europe together…how LUCKY we are.