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Living Our Best Normal Lives Overseas

You’ve read about our adventures to Porto and Ibiza, the gastronomic delights we’ve enjoyed, hikes we’ve taken up steep, rocky hills, and the awe inspired within us while gazing at elaborately decorated architecture – the highlights that make a good story. Perhaps some of you are wondering, however, what we actually do all day every day over […]

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The Writing on the Wall: Street Art in Athens

Oh, Athens, you beautiful, dirty, seething, charming, noisy, riotous, sun-drenched, ancient, ever-changing, artful city. This place bursts with memories of learning, growing up, drinking, dancing, eating, laughing, crying and living. So much has changed – there was actual LETTUCE in my Greek salad the other night – but many things remain the same: the Parthenon rises up, […]

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The Power of Place at Edinburgh Castle

I don’t think anyone would debate the military advantages of building a stronghold on the highest, least-accessible ground possible. The rulers of Edinburgh, Scotland in the 12th century certainly understood the merits of establishing their castle and keep atop a massive, rocky cliff (called Castle Rock) which sits directly in the middle of the modern city. Sheer […]

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