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It’s Not the Destination, It’s the Journey

Me: “So, it’s settled, then: we’re moving to the Bay. Even if I don’t have a job. We’ll get settled, and then I’ll job-hunt like a mad woman.”

Him: “Yep, that’s the plan.”

[Apartment search commences/continues, plotting and planning for a life in Alameda or Oakland is well underway…]

Me: “I guess we’ve ruled out Europe…right?

I mean, wait a minute. Could we make that work?”

Him: (Mental wheels beginning to turn) Well…hmmm.

I think y’all know what happened next.

During the insane whirlwind that was the 29 days between the initial offer on our house and signing the closing paperwork, we had little time to do anything but MOVE.

On February 4th, 2017, we hit the road in our Mazda CX-5 which was packed to the gills with everything not Tetris-ed into storage. It’s absolutely amazing what will fit in (and on top of) that car! Our packing skills are also astounding.
Our epic journey brought us north and west, through Texas, New Mexico, a little bit of Colorado, Utah, Idaho (whoops!) and finally into southern Oregon.

I have never driven across country, but Joe has. Three twelve-hour days in the car with all our belongings and two boxers was no walk in the park. But it was an adventure, the first of many we’re about to have, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the airplanes in the world.

Driving through New Mexico was somewhat eerie – the road goes on forever and the landscape never changes, except for the odd massive rock formation jutting straight out of the flat, brush-covered expanse. The occasional, small villages dotting Navajo country were strangely quiet and almost looked abandoned. No gas or services for miles.

Colorado brought a welcome change of pace – we could drive over 55 mph (construction in New Mexico was constant), and the scenery really began to unroll and pop out. It wasn’t long before we were cruising through vast fields of snow ending only in distant, similarly blanketed mountains. Here was winter! The stark beauty wrapped itself around us like a cozy embrace.

Once we reached southern Utah and the sunny, happy little town of Moab, it was all we could do not to pull over and settle in for a tan and a 3% beer. But Joe’s hometown was calling our name, so we pushed on, through snowy canyons, and finally into Brigham City.

Time in Brigham City always brings long, history-filled conversations with grandparents, creative and adventurous fort-building missions with nieces and nephews, and lots of delicious, grilled food. The two feet of snow on the ground turned the town into a winter wonderland, and the dogs (finally) learned how to go #2 on patches of slushy ice in the streets.

After our much-needed respite with Joe’s family, we piled back in the car and headed west through the wilderness of eastern Oregon. At the end of one more long day of driving, we pulled in to Ashland after a somewhat thrilling, very snowy, and steeply-winding descent into the Rogue Valley. We were (temporarily) home at last!


Ex-archaeologist, business development and networking wiz, people person, aspiring author and travel writer. Loves horses, the sea, exploring, history, good food and wine, and Joe.

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