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Forgotten Wine, and Other Travel Foibles

Here’s how to do the Austin airport right: get there early enough to imbibe a wine flight and/or a glass at Vino Volo before your flight – hell, spring for a snack if you feel particularly swanky (or hungry) as the food is delicious.
Stopping by the wine bar has become our pre-flight ritual and always starts off our journey on the right foot. Added bonus? Picking up a couple cans of Infinite Monkey Theorem’s red wine (I know – the name! and CANNED wine?? Trust me.) for the flight. Shhhh.

This time, we grabbed our cans as usual – the idea being that we had a long, trans-Atlantic flight to tackle, so why not? We failed to take into account that our plane was departing JFK at 11:30 pm and the flight was just over 6 hours – not enough time to eat, watch a movie and sleep before landing in Portugal at 11 am local time.

Our mental slips resulted in two perfectly good cans of wine remaining in my purse as we disembarked in Lisbon. Upon discovering said un-cracked cans, our spirits fell slightly – we couldn’t waste it all! But it was 11 in the morning! But as Jimmy Buffet would remind us – it was 5 o’clock somewhere, right? So we shared one of those cans right there outside internal airport security. It was delightful, despite feeling slightly inappropriate. Waste not! I wanted to donate the other can to one of the security guards, but we decided against it for a number of reasons…

After a 4+ hour layover in the lovely Lisbon airport (during which time I spent the majority of my efforts trying to convince my husband it was not a good idea to take a long nap) we took the short hop over to Barcelona. As a point of interest/recommendation: TAP airlines is pretty good for a budget operation.

Despite rain upon our arrival, the rather severe bending-back of some fingernails (there was some bleeding) while claiming baggage, and needing to communicate with our Airbnb host’s delegate in full-on Spanish/Catalan on almost zero sleep, we were almost giddily happy to get settled – finally! – in Europe.


Ex-archaeologist, business development and networking wiz, people person, aspiring author and travel writer. Loves horses, the sea, exploring, history, good food and wine, and Joe.

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